How to choose a suitable power supply?

In fact, everything is very simple.

What are you buying a block for? 
For your tattoo machine to work, respectively, and you personally.

The machine will work from any unit from our range equally well.

But what you need is up to you. 
If you are not interested in the appearance of the device. 

If you need some kind of interesting thing in your workplace, then you already need to decide on the external design of the power supply. Or tattoo machines. And accordingly buy what your heart desires.

Naturally, the price tag of budget power supplies or machines will differ from the models HAND MADE. I explain why - everything is simple here, different material and temporary values are spent on these things. Which towards CUSTOMS make the price of things higher.

Our blocks currently provide voltages from 1 to 12 volts. Current strength 3A.
This should be considered - will these characteristics suit your tattoo machines?

Our blocks have different dimensions, from the size of a matchbox to the size of a smartphone.
More compact blocks - you can take with you on trips and at tattoo conventions. Transport them at least in your pocket. For studios, I recommend more overall blocks - LIGHTHOUSE, LIGHTHOUSE DUO, DoublePulse. They have outputs for 2 working machines, independent switching between them and more stable on the planes.

Some purchase several power supply models. In order to even more provide yourself with comfort and mobility.

So in general - you have complete freedom of choice. And on our site complete freedom of designs and models. 

The units operate anywhere in the world, since they have electronic switching of incoming, working voltage networks.