From myself - this is the authoritative opinion of the Director of FOXXX IRONS, Oleg Kroft, who has been manufacturing tattoo equipment #1 for almost 9 years!

Hi! So-let's discuss our topic. Why do you need to use high-quality power supplies and what is truly high-quality, and what is so simply called. To begin with, let's turn to the most basic — the manufacturer. Please note, how long has it been on the market? What is his approach to production? What is the appearance of his equipment! 

What does it give us — that the brand has been around for a long time and is still in the top? Here I will use my own example and start with what we have done over the years. FOXXX, on the market for almost 9 years! The first developments, at the very beginning, we launched on the stream. But not in order to immediately sell everything to everyone and get a lot of money, but In order to identify our errors during Assembly, which, as it turned out, almost did not exist. And during all this time-we have brought the technology of sales, service, and filling of our blocks to the maximum quality. Given the huge sales — I do not get almost any equipment for repairs. And this is true. We do so much quality that there is simply nothing to break in our blocks.

We are not trying to reduce the cost of filling, which would increase our profit. And this is what many people strive for! I would even say that we have significantly increased the cost of filling without increasing the price of the product. 

Appearance! Here I am proud to say that my product is cool. Since it is duplicated by many other brands, which means they take it as an example and I am really very happy about it. The number of designs of my products is a real progress. At the moment, FOXXX has more than 250 standard designs and more than 100 exclusives. But there is a limit to this. I want to address you, readers. I want to ask you something. Why are cool, exclusive designs sold abroad? And in our country they are not needed by anyone? Aren't you interested in having a cool exclusive thing in your workplace? I would like to correct the fact that our people buy nondescript boring boxes. I really want to change my view on this position and start a tradition of loving artistic design, especially since tattoo artists themselves are artists! Power supplies are your accessory. Your face. Why do they want cool things abroad, but not in Russia? That's what I still don't understand. But I will continue to withdraw more and more

Also, I want to break the stereotype that a cool powerful block should look like a harsh tank) This is complete nonsense. I can make a pink ball that will be cooler than any "tank". 

Let's go on. Everyone is familiar with Chinese blocks of 1300-2000 Tr, etc.? You can't work with these blocks, so you shouldn't start and try. On these blocks,the workflow is disrupted in just 30-40 minutes, the machine does not have enough power and it does not work properly. 

Throw out the idea that everyone has the same blocks. Everyone has the same principle of operation! But not the same iron. Cheap Chinese, this is a penny case, a penny filling, they are not suitable for work. Throw it in the trash!) For example, the body kit and filling of world cars, such as Akon — all expensive and high-quality. Good! And the body kit of my equipment is not an expensive case with a very high-quality powder coating ( using German materials), as well as iron of very good quality, which was tested and selected among many others.Purchasing a FOXXX power supply is a purchase that is almost permanent. High-quality soldering and maximum fixed parts. Good! 

Absolutely! Do not forget about the necessary guides, of good quality. You probably often encounter the fact that at the beginning of work everything is OK, and then went-went, then the machine stalls, then the pedal is pressed every other time! Sometimes people think that something is wrong with the unit, as if the wires that they have connected everything do not exist. And so guys, it's about the wires. And often it doesn't matter what brand it is and who says what about it. To be honest, there are not as many high-quality pedals and clips on our market as we would like. You can count on your fingers the manufacturers who make it cool. So don't let it get out of control) 

This is the end of it. So let me sum up — when purchasing high-quality equipment, make sure of the quality of the brand. Choose a model that appeals to your inner self. Get quality guides. Well, then we go to the choice of cars. 

Buying our equipment — you get a really high-quality thing made by experts in their field, at an absolutely reasonable price.

Read about this in my next article.